Biography - Antonio Tommasini


Like a stray dog, I walked along the roads that lead from Baranzate to Milano bringing with me books full of exceptional ideas produced by extraordinary minds which, I was repeatedly told, would have helped me to understand what we are made of. Yet, more than words I liked pictures, even those to be forgotten. Terrific years.
Overwhelmed by passions, I’ve let myself get carried away by the waves waiting for the perfect one. But, you very well know, there is no such thing as perfection. Time goes by, lives follow one after the other, still my passion for pictures remain unchanged to also not surrender to dull days.
I was born in Milano in 1957, the city that still witnesses my endeavours. I attended classical studies which, despite everything, made me believe in the redeeiming embrace of beauty. I am a graphic designer (at this point I know that the concept of redeeming embrace is wearing thin) and I’d have very much liked to have met the German expressionists, had dinner with Marlene Dumas, made friends with Basquiat and drank a couple of beers with Jackson Pollock.